Grace Christian Schools is a ministry of Grace Community Church.

God has given the primary responsibility for teaching and training of young people to parents. The rationale for the existence of GCS is to assist parents as an extension of the Christian home, in providing an education that is thoroughly and distinctively Christ-based. It is our goal through teaching and training to prepare young people to function as individuals who can reason and relate all issues of life to the doctrinal foundation of the Christian worldview.

Students at Grace Christian Schools Receive a Life-changing Education

When students know the value of their worth in God and are equipped with an excellent education experience—their whole world changes. They discover talents and abilities they never knew they had. They become confident learners and dreamers who believe they can change their world, and they do.

Christian Values

At Grace Christian Schools our students grow in their love and knowledge of God through non-denominational, Bible-based teachings and experiences. And just as importantly, they learn how much God loves them.

  • Christ-centered, non-denominational education
  • Bible teachings help your child know God and grow closer in relationship with Him
  • Classes integrate Biblical principles into all areas of life
  • Opportunities to celebrate and share each child’s God-given gifts and talents
  • Prayer, praise and weekly Chapel are part of the fabric of our school
  • Students learn to share God’s love with others through kindness and compassion in the classroom, the community and the world