Welcome to Grace Christian Schools of Maricopa

Now enrolling grades K-8 for fall 2024.

Christian Education that will have a BIG impact.  Where all may know and grow.  GCS is not only a place for a rigorous education, but where your children can learn God’s truths and and how to apply them in their lives.  Click below for more information and to let us know you are interested.



Grace Christian Schools is excited to partner with parents in educating their children in a safe and loving environment.  Christian education provides a solid foundation for knowledge and encourages spiritual growth.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Location: Grace Community Church
44977 W. Hathaway Ave. Maricopa, AZ 85139

Telephone: (520) 568-2430

Email: info@gcsmaricopa.org


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To equip students with knowledge and biblical truths to develop them into Christian leaders who will positively and faithfully impact their communities and future generations.

GCS Family Testimonials: We Love Our Families!

GCS has been a blessing to our family. We love that our children get  one on one attention, a Biblical world view, and the philosophy that children belong to parents, not to the teacher or the school. Since attending GCS our kids have begun to thrive in their academics. Prior to this year one of our kids had an IEP and was falling further behind. In less than a year, his feelings towards school have changed. He started to take initiative in his learning and started getting A’s and B’s. We have peace of mind sending our kids to a school where the teachers love our kids but most importantly love Jesus and want to partner with us as we raise them to love Him more.

Crudup Family

What does Grace Christian School mean to me? It means that I don’t lay awake at night crying because I’m absolutely failing homeschooling, but the thought of sending my child to public school makes me sick to my stomach. It also means that I don’t have to compromise my core values and beliefs just to allow my children the opportunity to get an education. Grace Christian School is a wonderful mix between homeschool and traditional school. There’s freedom to allow for individual growth in each child, while being able to get a structured curriculum with a community of peers. The family oriented atmosphere allows for parents to take a hands on approach in their child’s education. We have been very blessed by Grace Christian School! We got to experience many wonderful things. We got to celebrate the holidays together. The kids learned how to work together to raise money for their school by being amazing servers. We also had a fun but competitive field day! Plus so much more! However I think my favorite was being able to worship and learn with all the kiddos during chapel! There’s nothing more encouraging and beautiful than hearing all the children sing thier hearts out to the Lord in worship! 

Soria Family

We are so grateful for Grace Christian School, our kids have thrived since attending.  The learning goes beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, they are gaining life lessons and biblical values that will impact their futures.  We appreciate that the focus is not only on academics but also their hearts. There is a space and sensitivity from the teachers and administration to see our children for who they are and what they need in order to succeed. 


Our journey at Grace Christian began in December 2023. Our daughter at that time was enrolled in public school and had a 504 for her seizure disorder. More and more she was falling behind academically, overwhelmed by the overload of homework that she did not understand, and losing confidence. We made the decision to transition her beginning January 2024 to GCS. The decision was difficult knowing she would have to make new friends and wondering if GCS was the right fit for her. I am proud to say that she has thrived. She was catching onto math and starting to read more within 2 weeks. The class sizes are small which gave her more one on one time with her teacher, Ms Dirks. The classmates welcomed her with open arms! Over the past five months she has flourished academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Christian based curriculum is outstanding and our daughter tells us stories daily about what they are reading from the Bible. Grace Christian has been a blessing for our daughter and we cannot wait to continue God’s plan next year with them!

Fix Family

Grace Christian School has completely changed the direction of not only our child, but also our family. We (as parents) are late to the game- we got married in our mid thirties and were blessed with a child nine months and six days after our wedding. He is our everything. He’s also an only child. Upon school approaching we hesitantly enrolled him in a local public school for kindergarten because it’s where his best bud was going. After the first day we were disheartened and dreaded every morning thereafter of drop off. The stories our child told us every day of his experiences were awful. We reached out to GCS and were blown away with how amazing the principal, Mrs. Nanny was. We loved our first encounter with the KG teacher, Mrs. Haley and we absolutely wanted our son there. As an older parent I was discouraged w/ the whole funding program but found it really easy once I got started. ESA in Arizona is actually really easy and very helpful for the not-so-tech-savvies such as myself. We yanked our baby out of public the first chance we got and enrolled him in GCS. After all was completed we had a meeting with the pastor and again, we were blown away with him. Pastor Dan is an anomaly in the best sense of the word. He was incredibly intelligent, and had an incredible story- & won us over immediately. Our child is treated like a brother by all the kids in his school which is such a welcome change from public. He’s fluent in all Bible stories taught and enthralled by them. His overall understanding of curriculum expected to be known by his grade level is well over what he was learning in public school. And we as a family have felt extremely welcomed and encouraged as a part of a school/church family. I (the parent) am not only welcomed but encouraged to participate in my child’s education and school journey. I cannot say enough good things about GCS Maricopa. If I made one good decision as a mother, it was enrolling him at this school. 

Pugmire Family

I feel so blessed to be a part of a Christian School start up! It has been so rewarding to help, serve, and get to know the handful of women who chose to obey what the Lord has called them to do and include Jesus with education. Grace Christian School was an answer to my prayers. What a blessing! My kids don’t fight me about going to school anymore, they look forward to me helping, and have learned more about Jesus simultaneously receiving a great education. The staff love and care about not only our children but our families, what more could we ask for?!

Lewis Family

Grace Christian School was the best Kindergarten experience I could have hoped for with my daughter.  Her teacher was AMAZING!  She was so very patient with her class and taught them so much more than they would learn in a public school.  Our daughter grew so much and gained so much confidence through the year.  This is an environment that values the children’s differences, and teaches them about integrity and kindness as well as the regular school curriculum.  The small class size was truly a blessing and contributed to her educational achievements. 

Silcox Family